Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Furnace & Boiler Test & Tune program

Furnace & Boiler Test & Tune
Refrigerator Replacement

FREE - Funding is Limited!!   Apply Now!! 
This program ends in December.

The Test & Tune program is designed to reduce energy costs for income eligible residents of Washtenaw County by providing energy efficient measures & repairs. These measures may include:   •  Furnace or Boiler Tune-Up; •  Minor Furnace and Boiler Repairs; •  Programmable Thermostats; •  Showerhead Replacement; •  Bathroom Faucet Aerators; •  Perform other small repairs that will increase energy efficiency; •  Eligible applicants MAY qualify for a FREE furnace; •  Eligible applicants MAY qualify for a FREE refrigerator replacement.

All services are FREE of charge to the applicant.
   We use licensed contractors to complete all work.  Must be a DTE gas customer.  Program is only available to single-unit home and rental properties.   Eligibility is income based;  any household falling below the income levels outlined below are eligible for Test and Tune program.   The income threshold for a family of: •  1 is $45,500 ;     2 is $52,000 ;     3 is $58,500 ;     4 is $65,000 ; •  5 is $70,200 ;     6 is $75,400 ;    7 is $80,600 ;     8 is $85,800 .

Test &Tune applications must be received by Dec. 10th .
Refrigerator replacements only covered thru Nov. 21st .

Or call (734-622-9025) Washtenaw County Office of Community and Economic Development.


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