Thursday, October 11, 2012

Energy Specialists from Better Buildings for Michigan

Energy Specialists from Better Buildings for Michigan Program,
here at St. Francis PAC on Sunday, October 14 &  21, available in the PAC during coffee and donuts after the 8:45 and 10:30 Masses.

We had an energy assessment done at the St. Francis Parish Rectory.
All parishioners are encouraged to consider similar energy saving efforts at their own homes.

Are you considering improvements to make your home warm, comfortable, healthy and energy efficient before winter?  

As Kim Peoples, (a St. Francis parishioner, and, a Realtor in Ann Arbor), said,  "We had them over to our home and it's been a good experience, we're taking advantage of some great rebates." 

It's only $50 for St. Francis parishioners who sign-up before the end of December. 

Please, contact one of these local energy specialists:
--  Chelsea Lumber (734-475-9126), 
--  Ms. Green Construction (877-466-7473), 
--  Meadowlark Energy (877-652-7578) and 
--  Pro Energy (734-827-1003). 

For a limited time they are offering $50 assessments to show you ways you can make your home more energy efficient. Enrollment in the Better Buildings program is available through ... 
Better Buildings for Michigan Program Extended!

Enrollment in the Better Buildings has been extended to March 31, 2013 or until funds run out.

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BetterBuildings for Michigan is a state government-backed program that identifies ways for homeowners to reduce energy consumption. The program’s home energy assessments (also called audits) are discounted from the typical price of $350 for such inspections.

The Certified Building Analysts who conduct the assessments can install energy-efficient lightbulbs, showerheads, faucets and programmable thermostats – at no extra cost – and suggest additional cost-effective, energy-saving improvements, such as insulation and energy-efficient appliances. Homeowners are under no obligation to act on the Certified Building Analyst report. However, BetterBuildings for Michigan offers financial assistance to those who choose to install additional energy-saving measures, including rebates totaling up to $5,000. 

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As Catholic Christians here at St. Francis Parish we serve our less fortunate sisters and brothers with so many outreach programs, just to name a few… hot meals, food drives, home repairs, Christmas gifts, and shelter programs.   And, our St. Francis Parish sustainability efforts are rooted in this same belief and concern.  Here in Michigan we are blessed with an abundance of material goods like fuel-energy for our homes.  (Written by Scott Wright on behalf of St. Francis Parish Sustainability Team 2012-12-03.)

Our religious tradition has always urged restraint and moderation in the use of material goods.   “We must not allow our desire to possess more material things to overtake our concern for the basic needs of people and the environment.” (USSCB: “Faithful Stewards of God’s Creation: A Catholic Response for Environmental Justice and Climate Change”).

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Home Energy Audit: We had a Better Buildings Home Energy Audit recently : to save energy and to save money.  It was very exciting until the night before the appointment.  I panicked.  What had I done?  We had just done many renovations to our home and I did not need a contractor to mess it all up.  My husband urged me to relax; it was a good thing to do.  As promised, the contractor arrived with a lot of equipment and checked our stove, furnace, water heater, faucets and insulation. He informed us that even new stoves and heating /air conditioning systems can have problems emitting carbon monoxide or may not be hooked up properly - so there was another reason for the evaluation - safety.  He did a door blower test to find leaks in the house and provided and installed energy efficient light bulbs (even cleaned some lamps that were out of my reach!) and noted that we had a programmable thermostat and lowflow faucets (renovation unharmed!).  He told us the results but also sent a report with estimates and available rebates.  It was a great experience that I highly recommend.    Kim Bonenberger, of St. Francis Sustainability Team 

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